Adam shares first prize at the Central London Open

Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

Adam Bukojemski, one of Battersea’s strongest players, finished first equal at a highly competitive Central London Open weekend tournament at Imperial College last weekend.  There were 35 players in the field.  Although no GMs or IMs entered, about a half the players had ELO ratings over 2000.

Taking a bye in the first round, Adam won all the four games he played and shared first prize with Philip Tozer.

The full result is at .

Here is one of Adam’s wins from the tournament with Fritz analysis.  At the end of the game Black is either losing his queen or faces a mating attack after 23…Rde8 24 Ba2 Qd8 25 Nxc6+ bxc6 24 Qa6.

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