Ali wins miniature against Russian GM

Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

Ali Hill has won a game in 15 moves as Black against experienced Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Epishin (ELO 2541) at the Brugse Meesters tournament in Bruges, Belgium.

Playing against a Reti Opening, he occupied the centre very early on, playing ..c5, …e5 and ..d5 in the first six moves. He was in a better position when Epishin blundered badly, allowing a relatively straightforward two-move sequence that won a piece, when there was a saving manoeuvre available.

The full game, with commentary, is at .

Ali is on 5.5/8 with a round to go.  Three other Battersea players, Chris Beckett, Adrian Somerfield and Ben Franklin are also playing in the tournament. All are currently in the top half of the field – full results at       

Meanwhile in the Czech Republic,  Paul Stokes is in the joint lead on 5/6 in the Seniors tournament in Olomouc with Joe Skielnik in 4= with 4/6 – details at


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