Battersea given go ahead to host London Chess League matches

London Chess League update
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Battersea may be able to host some matches next season after a key decision for the club was made at last night’s London Chess League annual general meeting.

Ahead of our own AGM next week, the league’s committee agreed to a request to allow us to use our venue for home matches in cases when it is more convenient for away teams.

Previously, the league has required all matches to take place in Transport for London’s Zone 1, which Battersea falls just outside of.

As a result, the club has had to play all its “home” matches at Golden Lane, near the Barbican.

But that rule has now been relaxed after we argued that as our venue is so near Clapham Junction railway station it may be easier for some clubs to get there.

The decision was made as the league continues to try to find a venue to replace Golden Lane, which is closing for redevelopment.

Several possible homes for the league have been looked at, but currently there is some doubt as to where matches will be held.

Meanwhile, Battersea will now enter into discussions with other clubs and attempt to arrange some fixtures for Tuesdays at the club.

Other decisions taken at the meeting include the reduction of division 1 matches from 12 boards to 10 boards from next season.

A sub committee was formed to look into marketing the league better.

And Battersea was also presented with the £75 prize for our u125 Minor team winning division 6.

Further details on the decisions made will be given at the club AGM on Tuesday.

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