Battersea teams electrify Summer Chess League with rating-busting wins

Week 2 of the Summer Chess League
Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

Battersea’s two teams in the new Summer Chess League both chalked up wins last night that included some impressive ratings-busting results.

The Volts, who triumphed in last week’s Battle of Battersea intra-club match, beat Hammersmith‘s Just Hammered team by a convincing 4.5-1.5.

Meanwhile the Amps, led by Aldo Camilleri, edged the East London Knights 3.5-2.5.

Summer Chess League players in action during week 2
Summer Chess League players in action during week 2

Both results were achieved with the help of Battersea players performing out of their skins.

On board three for the Volts, Tim Valentine, graded 126, again showed absolutely no respect to ratings by dispatching 161-ECF Paul Kennelly.

Other big winners were Ben Franklin, Arnold Hunt and newboy Rayan Balluz, who beat the experienced Hammersmith player David Lambert, rated 123.

Ben lost a knight in the opening – but then stormed back to deliver a nasty checkmate. Unsurprisingly, and you can see why from his game below, Ben had quite a grin on his face at the end.

Paul Stokes, Motiejus Gudenas and Leon Watson also chipped in with full points while there were draws for Chris Beckett, who is currently kicking himself at not getting the win, and Malcolm Dancy, who halved with player graded 15 points higher than him.

The only loses were for Alan Palmer against a total unknown quantity – who turned out to be very good – and Peter Yusoff, who lost to a very strong junior.

The league will now take a break until July 18, when the Amps play Totally Hammered and the Volts play the Knights.

July 11 is the club’s AGM.

Amps vs Knights

1. Paul Stokes 170 vs Tariqul Alam Khan es150 1-0

2. Swadesh Malik es150 vs Alan Palmer 169 1-0

3. Ben Franklin 140 vs Colin Hughes 161 1-0

4. Mohammad Islam 155 vs Malcolm Dancy 140 1/2-1/2

5. Arnold Hunt 126 vs George Apaza es140 1-0

6. Anthony Kent 153 vs Denis Dupuis 84 1-0

Volts vs Just Hammered

1. Chris Beckett 202 vs Carsten Pedersen 201 1/2-1/2

2. Marios Kouis es150 vs Motiejus Gudenas es169 0-1

3. Tim Valentine 126 vs Paul Kennelly 161 1-0

4. David Lambert 123 vs Rayan Balluz es100 0-1

5. Leon Watson 122 vs Kaan Corbaci es120 1-0

6. Naadhmi Auchi 105 vs Peter Yusoff es80 1-0

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