Battersea’s annual five-minute Blitz Tournament starts with first heat on Tuesday

Battersea Chess Club update
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It is nearly upon us – our annual five-minute club Blitz Tournament.

The big event, which members look forward to all year, takes place over three Tuesday club nights with two opportunities to reach the final.

The first chance is this Tuesday, July 25. The second is on August 1 and the final is on August 8.

Reigning Blitz Tournament champ Adam Bukojemski
Reigning Blitz Tournament champ Adam Bukojemski

The top three players from each heat goes through.

However, unfortunately this year the reigning champ, Battersea’s blitz specialist Adam Bukojemski, can’t defend his title.

It is a big shame – but nonetheless the event should be a cracker.

Here’s tournament organiser Arnold Hunt on what to expect: “This is an event which has been taking place every year for as long as I dare remember.

“Members of the club compete in a series of lightning quick games to decide which of them shall have their names inscribed on the historic pewter cup that is forever connected to the competition.

“The cup itself is of insignificant monetary value – I guess its equivalent might be bought for less than a song and a dance at any bric-a-brac fair or market and in better condition too.

“Our example is pitted, dented and scored with the accumulated misadventures wrought upon it by inebriated winners over the years. Yet, for Battersea players its imperfections only add to its glamour.

“For them it might be made of pure gold and conceal within its knocked-about interior the souls of past masters with promise of rich sources of inspiration.”

The tournament is members only – but if you aren’t a member and want to play you can become one for £20 and enjoy all the other benefits of being part of this great club.

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