Battle of Battersea in the London League ends with four games adjourned

London Chess League update
Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

The long-anticipated first London League match between two Battersea sides lived up to its advance billing, with hard-fought games up and down the ten boards, writes TIM WELLS.

Our Battersea 3 side was heavily outgraded, as we will be probably all season; in this case it was by an average of 25 points per board, or 30 points per board on boards 1 through 9.

Nevertheless we wrangled two draws (Arnold on 7, and Steve on 8 after adjournment), as well as a win for Peter on board 10.

I saw very little of any of the games, but Ben on board 1 gave Tommaso a hard time until time pressure made itself felt and led to a forced loss, and Ryan on board 3 seemed to have a good game against the irresistible force that is Aldo Camilleri – Aldo was very complimentary of his opponent afterwards.

I didn’t play badly at all on board 2, with Black against Rafa; in fact I had a distinct edge out of the opening and into the middle game.

Then I missed several good chances to press the advantage, the kind you find at home around midnight after the game, and we adjourned the game with me a pawn down.

It will be a hard task to save the game from here, but I’ve not given up hope yet. On board 4, Gary Smith – late of Streatham & Brixton – playing his first game for a Battersea side also is adjourned, as is Richard Fries against Paul Stokes.

All of us with the black pieces, as it happens. The match is probably lost, but well done all for tenacious play against what could be a side contending for the division three title.

Our next two matches are coming up soon:

  1. Wednesday 18th October v Wanstead & Woodford 2 at the London League’s new venue: the Citadines Hotel
  2. Monday 30th October v Athenaeum at their venue in Covent Garden.


Please let me know about both matches as soon as you can. I will probably pick the strongest side available for the 18th, as I want to beat the side that finished ahead of us last season.

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