The Battle of Battersea: Sparks fly as Volts shock Amps in Summer Chess League opener

Rayan Baluz Vs Denis Dupuis
Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

An electrifying first match of the Summer Chess League saw the Battersea Volts break the Battersea Amps’ resistance to take a shock win.

The Amps drew first blood as Caspar Jones finished off Peter Yusoff early after Battersea’s oldest player found his king exposed in the centre.

Edwin Magombe, making his debut in a rated match for the Volts, battled hard against old hand Malcolm Dancy before finally going down in the endgame.

Edwin Magombe Vs Malcolm Dancy
Edwin Magombe Vs Malcolm Dancy

A titanic battle between Martin Devenney and Joel Morales saw the Volts pull one back when the Spaniard marched three king-side pawns down the board and Martin resigned.

Rayan Balluz then levelled the match with a win full of fireworks against the youngest player in the field, sparky seven-year-old Denis Dupois.

Denis played a razor sharp variation of the King’s Gambit called the Falkbeer Counter Gambit Advanced which had Rayan in deep trouble early on.

Joel Morales Vs Martin Devenney
Joel Morales Vs Martin Devenney

But Rayan fought back and found himself two pawns up in the endgame, which he duly converted.

The match result then hung on the top board game between Midhun Unnikrishnan and Adrian Somerfield, and the board 2 game between Tommaso Penna and Howard Groves.

Howard and Tommaso’s game lasted an energy-sapping 67 moves before both agreed a draw with a pawn and rook each.

Your correspondent has not seen the game between Midhun and Adrian yet but it ended with a win for the Volts player, leaving the match score 3.5 – 2.5.

Battersea Volts Vs Battersea Amps

Battersea Volts vs Battersea Amps

Midhun Unnikrishnan 177 vs Adrian Somerfield 179: 1-0
Howard Groves 157 Vs Tommaso Penna 176: 1/2-1/2
Edwin Magombe es125 vs Malcolm Dancy 140: 0-1
Martin Devenney 118 vs Joel Morales 105: 0-1
Rayan Balluz es100 vs Denis Dupuis es84: 1-0
*not ready*
Caspar Jones es80 vs Peter Yusoff es80: 1-0

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