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Tournament Rules



Rules for Championship and Barrow Tournaments – 2007/08


  • Both tournaments are all-play-all and games can be played in any order.  All games must be completed by 30 June 2008.
  • Rate of play is to be 30 moves in 1¼ hours, followed by a 1 hour rapidplay finish.  Uncompleted games are to be adjourned and a sealed move made by the player whose turn it is to move. 
  • Games must commence before 8.00pm at the latest so as to allow time for a minimum playing session of 2½ hours.  As for club matches, clocks must be started promptly. 
  • If both players agree, the rate of play can be 30 moves in 1¼ hours followed by a 15 minute rapidplay finish.  In this case, play must begin by no later than 7.15pm.
  • Results must be recorded on the tournament charts immediately and games actually played will be submitted for grading.
  • In order to encourage games to be completed in good time and not left until near to the end of the season any player who without good reason:

a)      fails to complete at least 3 games by the end of February 2008 will have a penalty of ½ point deducted from his/her score;

b)      fails to complete 5 games in the Championship by 30 June 2008 will be ruled ineligible to compete in that tournament in the following season.
  • If any player needs to withdraw from the competition or where two players have a genuine reason for not being able to complete the game by the 30 June 2008, they must inform the Tournament Controller in good time and he will be empowered to use his discretion as to the action to be taken.
  • The winner of the Barrow Tournament will automatically qualify for entry to the championship next season.
  • Any disputes should be referred to the Tournament Controller and his decision will be final, but he may, if he wishes, seek the advice of the Club Committee.

Emil Todorow

Tournament Controller