New London Chess League venue revealed: It’s a hotel in Holborn and comes with free tea

London Chess League venue, Holborn
Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

We’ve been waiting to find out all summer, but finally it’s been revealed where we’ll be spending our weekday evenings this season.

The London Chess League, the competition in which the majority of our matches are played, has announced its new venue.

Following the closure of Golden Lane, the league’s home will now be a hotel in Holborn, usefully for your benefit pictured above.

London Chess League
London Chess League

Club regulars may notice it is rather more salubrious than the previous digs, and this is borne out by the fact it offers free tea and coffee.

The full address is Citadines Hotel, 94-99 High Holborn, London WC 1V 6LF and it is a mere 100 metres from Holborn Tube station.

Most games in the London League, it seems, will now take place on Wednesdays as that is the only night the league could secure.

For Spurs fans like myself that is a big shame as it’ll interfere with the big Champions League nights.

Conversely, it will be blessed relief to Arsenal fans as they’ll be playing a lot on Thursday. Such is life.

The first Wednesday booked for matches is October 4. However, our first match of the London League season will actually take place the day before at Battersea, because it is the division 3 match between Battersea 2 Vs Battersea 3.

The full list of fixtures hasn’t been released as yet but as soon as they are they’ll be on  this site.

Already on our website are the Central London League matches, so please take a look here.

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