Battersea edge win over Athenaeum after draw is agreed

London Chess League update
Battersea Chess Club sponsored by Bishop's Move

Battersea 3 captain Tim Wells has accepted a draw in his adjourned game meaning his side have won their division 3 match against Athenaeum.

Tim said: “We had another excellent result last Monday at Athenaeum. We scored 5 points from 9 completed games, once again with a strong performance up and down the order.

“Wins for Tim Valentine (in no time whatsoever), Steve Barry, and Richard Murphy on boards 8 through 10, plus hard-fought draws all against higher-graded opposition for Bill Drennan, Ben, Richard Fries, and Malcolm Dancy secured us the half point.

Battersea 3 Vs Athenaeum
Battersea 3 Vs Athenaeum

“There were tough losses for Joe Skielnik and Gary Smith (his first in twelve games).”

Tim’s game was adjourned but today his opponent offered him a draw, which he accepted, leaving the match score 4.5-5.5 to Battersea 3.

Our third team are now sitting pretty third in the table.

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